High-Quality Double Glazed UPVC Verticial Double Hung Window with Lowe Glass PVC Window and Door sliding Single Hung Window

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High quality double glazed upvc verticial aluminum sliding single hung window


Δ. SP86 SP100 SP130 SP150 series available for housing,residential,commercial and luxury villa

Δ. Grill and fly screen available

Δ. Flyscreen with taking off easily and cleaning

Δ. With timber reveal, easy installation

Δ. Fin flat angle for double brick system

Δ. stainless still mesh for security

Δ. Aluminum net for bush fire system

Δ. double chain for heavy duty

Δ. Auto controller for high position

Δ. Glass accommodate up to6.38-19mm

Δ. Laboratory tested and NATA certified to comply with Australian Standards AS2047 &Canada Standard

Δ. Acoustic (up to a maximum STC 39) and WERS energy rated products available.


1.Deflection Test:Serviceability design wind pressure(3000 Pa)

Rating: N6 (General)

2.Air infiltration test – Test method AS4420.4-1996:

     +75 Pa: 0.63 L/s·m 2 ;

   -75 Pa: 0.80 L/s·m 2 ;

   Average air leakage rate: 0.7 L/s·m 2

3.Water resistance test – Test method AS4420.5-1996:  Test Pressure: 900Pa

4.Ultimate strength test – Test method AS4420.6-1996:

   Test Pressure: 4500 Pa

   Rating: N6 (General)

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Delivery & Package details

Packing Details: Step1.Protective tape protects frames from scratches; Step 2.Keep windows or doors fixed on iron pallets; Step 3.Tie up windows or doors on the iron pallets with plastic belts; Step 4.PE films to keep away from sea water; Step 5.Fill in the space between each two iron pallets by air bags; Step 6.Tie up iron pallets in container with plastic belts. Our packages will ensure the small sliding windows arrive at project jobsite in good conditions
Delivery Details:
38-45 days after the shop drawing be confirmed.

  1. 6063-T5 high quality thermal break aluminium profile, thickness 2.0 mm
  2. 6063-T5 high quality non-thermal break aluminium profiles, thickness 2.0 mm
  3. PVC/UPVC profiles
  1. Double toughened glazing: 5mm+12A+5mm (A:Air);5mm+12A+5mm tinted;
  2. Double toughened glazing: 5mm+12A+5mm Low-E; 5mm+27A+5mm 
  3. Single toughened glazing: 3/4/5/6/8/10/12/15/19/21//6.38/11.76mm 
  4. Laminated glazing: 5mm+0.76+5mm, 5mm+0.38+5mm  
  1. German brand: Roto, Siegenia, Geze
  2. Australian brand: Doric
  3. Chinese brand: Kinlong, Zhenjiang
  1. Stainless steel security mesh
  2. Aluminium security mesh
  3. Fiberglass flyscreen
  4. Retractable flyscreen
Surface finished
  1. Powder coating
  2. Anodized
  3. Electrophoresis
  4. Wood grain
  5. Fluorine carbon coating

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