CHENGCHENG 22-40MM Double Super Thick Triple Glazing Anti-Pinch Hand Magnetic Window Cleaner Glass Wiper Home Household Tools

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Please do not hesitate to contact customer service for any questions.

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Reasons for recommendation of CHENGCHENG 22-40MM Window Cleaner

1. Focus on glass cleaning since 1996. More Professional.

2. Premium quality, cost-effective.

3. Super magnetic, not false mark.

4. Anti-pinch hand, more secure.

5. Booster pulley, easier to wipe.

6. 12-speed precise magnetic adjustment.

Wide range of applications.

7. High-quality magnetic steel, never demagnetize.

8. Original accessories are sold to accompany you longer.

9. No noise, more peace of mind.

10. Simple, convenient, fast and efficient.

11. No power required, longer service life.

12. To be continued…

Looking forward to your feedback.

Strong magnetic products!

Please read the details page and User’s Guide carefully before use!

Scope of application: 22-40MM (0.87-1.57 Inches) thickness insulating glass.

Please choose the appropriate model according to your glass thickness!

Do not hesitate to contact customer service for any question.

How to choose the model of window cleaners?

Choose according to your glass thickness.

CLICK HERE TO BUY 3-8mm: Ordinary thin single layer glass.

CLICK HERE TO BUY 8-14mm: Thick single layer tempered glass like glass doors.

CLICK HERE TO BUY 14-30mm: Most double glazing.

CLICK HERE TO BUY 18-34mm: Thick double to thin triple glazing.

CLICK HERE TO BUY 22-40mm: Double to thick triple glazing universal.

CLICK HERE TO BUY 32-42mm: Special for thick triple glazing.

How do I know the thickness of my glass?

1. Measure yourself by referring to the picture below.

Glass thickness = Total width of the window frame – Inside width – Outside width.

2. Contact professional customer service.

Please take a picture of the window corner with your mobile phone against the glass. The picture should be clearly exposed the silver aluminum strips. Then send it to the professional customer service. We will recommend for you.

Purchase Notes

1. Do not buy blindly. Do not choose the cheapest or most expensive directly. Be sure to measure the thickness of your glass or confirm with customer service before placing an order.

2. Make sure that the thickness of your glass is within the range marked on the product page, otherwise it cannot be used.

3. If your thickness is the critical value of the range, please choose the larger model. For example: The glass thickness is 8mm, please choose the 8-14mm model. The glass thickness is 30mm, please choose 18-34mm mode. The glass thickness is 34mm, please choose 22-40mm model.


1. Do not wipe the single glazing. Prevent the glass from shattering or cannot be removed when attracted.

2. Strong magnetic products. Please keep it away from children. Mind your hands!

3. To prevent the glass from being scratched, be sure to remove hard particles such as spots stuck to the glass before cleaning the window.

4. Check whether hard particles such as sand are absorbed on the window cleaner. Especially after the window cleaner is accidentally dropped, it will absorb sand etc., be sure to clean it before continuing to use it.

5. After opening the product, please place the black shell of the outer piece facing down on the table to prevent accidental attraction.

6. Please pull hard to check whether the safety rope is firm and both ends are fastened before use. Hold the safety rope when cleaning the window.

7. When toggling the safety switch, keep a safe distance of more than 50cm(20 inches) from the other piece to prevent hands from being pinched.

8. When cleaning the window, place a rag at the corner of the window frame to prevent the safety rope from being cut by the sharp corner of the window frame.

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